Double Ring Car Air Freshener (Manual Rotation)

Double Ring Car Air Freshener (Manual Rotation)

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Double Ring Car Air Freshener keeps the air fresh, and its unique double-ring rotation design will add a little fun to the dull journey. The compact shape does not occupy space, and the appearance is simple and fashionable. 

  • Make your Car, Home & Office more refreshing with 360° Double Ring Solar Air Diffuser. The pleasant scent brings you a good mood, relieve your stress and keep alert when you drive.
  • Eliminate odor: Professional deodorant ingredients are added to essential oils to effectively capture and decompose odor molecules
  • 360-degree fragrance blowing, it can be rotated to adjust fragrance concentration help to keep the air fresh in the car.
  • Minimalism decoration, simple and beautiful, abandon the multifarious adornment, with double circular ring and the most concise design language to dominate your car.
  • High-temperature resistance-High-purity alloy is combined with solid fragrance ring, no fear of high-temperature exposure, bid farewell to volatile burst. It does not fade.

Diffrence between Normal and Solar Double Ring?

Solar version– Rotates automatically using solar energy, Perfect for car dashboard.
Normal Version – Spin for 60-90 seconds after a slight slash, it’s great for releasing anxiety, staying fresh. Perfect for indoors.



Most of the car perfumes need to fix on AC vent and it badly affects the flow of cooled air to your body. That causes hot surroundings which will eventually destroy the vibe of traveling. A product which is not only perfume but also a  beautiful showpiece, It’ll make your dashboard look prettier. All your Friends Family and Kids will be fascinated by this beautiful product.