Medium Cut Polishing Compound

Medium Cut Polishing Compound


Medium Cut polish compound slowly scratch away small parts of the paint along with scratches and swirl marks. This is an extremely fine version of sanding. Although the finish looks very good to the naked eye. It is recommended to use the Final finish compound after cutting.

  • Removes Scratches Oxidation and Paint Defects.
  • Works best both with manual and  machine use.


Polishing Quickstart Guide

  • Start by polishing one small spot on the car or motorcycle. Use this spot to find out what combination works best for removing scratches and restoring the glossy shine on the paintwork.
  • Start with the least aggressive combination of Machine, Pad, and Polish that gets the results. We can always remove more paint if the prior step did not remove all the scratches, but we can never undo the paint we removed. Paint doesn’t grow back, so always start on the gentle side and get more aggressive as need be.
  • After finishing your first pass with the Paint Restoration compound, check your results for satisfactory scratch removal. Shine a halogen light on the paint and look at all angles to see if the scratches and swirls are gone or reduced. For the most scrutiny, pull the car outside and look at the test spot in direct sunlight. Compare it with the untouched paint and see if your results are satisfactory.
  • If you are satisfied with the amount of swirls and scratches removed, go on to the next refinement step. Apply the final finish compound to complete the polishing. If you are not satisfied with the amount of swirls and scratches removed, start changing variables and get slightly more aggressive until the scratches and swirls are gone.

Some scratches are just too deep for machine polishing to fix. You would have to wet-sand and polish all the paint off the car to get the scratches out. There comes the point where if you want perfect paint again, you have to repaint the car. You can cause permanent damage to your painted finish if you do not use a proper polishing technique, if you do not choose a good combination to work with, or if you do not do thorough prep work before you start polishing.

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